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Gripped On You Adhesive

Gripped On You Adhesive

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'Gripped On You' Adhesive is ideal for new lash professionals, delivering a moderate drying time. Our specially formulated glue can provide up to 5 weeks of strong retention, guaranteed through proper application techniques.

  • 1 Second drying time
  • Temperature range 22-24 °C
  • Ideal humidity - 55%-65%
  • Shelf life unopened - 6 months 
  • Shelf life opened - 3 months 
  • Latex free!

How to look after your adhesive:

You MUST shake your adhesive bottle from left to right for 15-20 seconds before every use to mix the ingredients together. Use the red pin provided when shaking. Failure to do so could cause retention issues as the adhesive will not be working to its full potential. After every use we recommend to burp the bottle, insert the red pin and wipe down the adhesive nozzle using an 'Adhesive Wipe' to prevent blockages. Due to the nature of the nozzle if these steps are not followed this may cause the nozzle to clog. 

Patch Testing/Allergies:

A patch test is not required however you MUST check your insurance policy. Although a patch test is not required it is important to note that an allergic reaction could occur at any time and you must insure to relay this to your clients. 

Lashes From Hols LTD does not hold responsibility for any allergic reactions that occur using this adhesive. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to this policy.


Please note this product is for PROFESSIONALS ONLY!! We cannot be held accountable for any misuse or damages whilst using this product.

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Customer Reviews

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Dolled Beauty Mcr

I’m obsessed with this glue, retention 10/10, packaging 10/10, drying time 10/10