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Fan Making Tweezers - Non Fibre Tip

Fan Making Tweezers - Non Fibre Tip

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Our fan making tweezers feature a strong grip to stop your fans falling apart. Featuring a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your every fanning needs!

90 Degree - One of our bestselling tweezers with the most incredible grip, with a narrow tip this tweezer can make any shape fan you require.

Slim L Shape - This tweezer is an LBH favourite, the wide surface area can create both wide and narrow fans effortlessly!

Thin 90 - This tweezer has a thinner tip and surface area, and creates wide fluffy fans every time!

Curved Volume - Our curved volume tweezer is the perfect tweezer for lash technicians who prefer the curved shape.

L Shape - L shape is a classic tweezer shape which can adapt to fans of all shapes and sizes.

Angled Volume - Our angled volume tweezer is more rounded than our curved volume tweezer, it's a great all rounder tweezer style!

Boot - Our boot tweezer features a small but wide surface area, this is a great tweezer for beginners/narrow fans. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Megan Timson

They have improved my time an lashes a million %

Caprice Smith
Love them!

Been doing lashes for 5 years now, tried Russian fan making and gave up straight away went back to premade fans. Received my new tweezers this week got to practice and completed 3 fullsets perfectly! No aching wrist or sore fingers either!
Love them! Thank you xx

klaudia sikora

tweezers amaze x